At Domec we are really passionate about our schools business. We are leading a caretaker revolution, implementing systems where once there was mystery and supporting head teachers who have been left baffled with the amount of advice being offered.

Managing your school building does not have to be complicated. As with all buildings there are the things that must be done (statutory tests), and those that would be sensible to do (planned maintenance). We start by identifying current practices and issues. We then look holistically at what might be being missed or might be taking place unnecessarily, agree on a program of works and implement it on mutually convenient days.

All of our schools team are highly experienced in a schools environment and are fully CRB checked. Domec Schools is a completely flexible service capable of undertaking all statutory compliance and maintenance required in school. Further to this we have an experienced manager on call 24 hours a day. Whether you have a leak, smashed window or you can’t turn off the alarm call us and we will be there.