Caretakers, building services managers and facilities managers

We are unique in our approach to working with and in some cases Domec provide site based staff to support the school on a long or short term basis.

We believe the best approach to maintenance is to be systematic, organised and to pro-actively maintain records. If you don’t know what you would do without your site manager or caretaker, then you might want to consider exactly that. If you are not quite sure what the entire role of caretaker encompasses, it might well be a good idea to ask Domec to undertake a site service review.

The approach is simple, we establish the exact nature of what is currently happening, confirm what should be happening from a regulatory perspective and implement the practical process accordingly. Because we like order, we split the tasks in to those done daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually and annually. We then look at pro-active contingency planning to maximize return on clients operational expenditure.