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Matthew Fedigan Appointed to RICS Global President's Panel of Adjudicators

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Domec Professional Services is delighted to announce that Matthew Fedigan has been formally appointed by the RICS to membership of the RICS Global President's Panel of Adjudicators effective from August 2020.

His appointment represents the successful culmination of over 5 years of training, interviews and assessments by leading practitioners and counsel, a mini-pupilage and legal academic work. We would like to add that Matthew became a father for the first time too during the latter stages of the final assessment process, which makes this appointment all the more deserved.Matthew will be one of the youngest adjudicator's ever appointed to this position in RICS' history.

Matthew will continue to practise as a party representative in adjudications and mediations as an expert determiner and will continue to undertake leading related legal academic work alongside this appointment.

The Directors and staff of Domec Professional Services warmly congratulate Matthew on his distinguished appointment.

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