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Overspending on building services? You could be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Dominic Evans appraises steps that are still often overlooked by clients that have potential to reduce cost, risk and to improve programme certainty.

At the start of a project it’s common for clients to scrutinise the programme and look for ways to complete the work sooner.

The subsequent questions often relate to quicker painting or employing more labour on the job. This process is reasonable- after all, time is money. Delaying the opening of a building, for whatever reason, is not desirable and the longer the construction phase goes on, the greater the risk of increasing costs or missed deadlines.

As a Building Services consultant, projects may have started before I am appointed. This often means that the applications for services are not made until the groundworks have begun.

I encourage the use of a project risk register which identifies where the risk of late completion and overspend lies. This is important as it enables us to identify the parts of the contract which could delay completion, but are not controllable by the main contractor labour. From the perspective of building services, this means looking at availability of plant, equipment and sanitaryware, but most importantly making applications for services.

A single point of contact for new supplies, or upgrade of existing electric, gas, water and telecoms (including metering), makes a complicated process straightforward.

If you have a new project planned, why not start by making a call to Domec Professional Services and getting your utilities under control?

· Domec Professional Services can coordinate electric, gas water and telecoms connections.

· Once appointed you will receive weekly updates on all applications and any appointments that need to be made with your team onsite can be managed on your behalf.

· If your utility provider needs to quote for any upgrade works this will be managed on your behalf along with clear instructions on the steps required to place an order.

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